August 10th

Spent day with the family and had some fun together. Tommorow I’m going to get some dental work done and some shopping. So might be posting pics in the future of some new outfits……..there’s an old saying… Its not the size of the dog in the fight that counts its the size of the fight in the dog….


August 7th

So someone is trying to get me to censor my blog… Not going to happen lol…

My day overall was pretty good besides having to hear about some whining earlier but they have no pull with what I post on my blog

. My friend Betsy and I hung out for a while and i told her I don’t think group is the best thing for me anymore  it stresses me out to much and not going to change who I am I did that before
and it made me miserable. I’m a transgender woman with a perverted mind at times but I share it and don’t keep it bottled up like most do. But I also have problems with deciding what’s an appropriate time and place Is cause of my own issues.  I’m thankful everyday for people I consider to be my family cause they don’t judge me …. Elizabeth,Jason,Courtney,Kayla,holly, Brian,

Read at your own risk I’m over dramatic

So let’s get this straight .. This “person” who shall go unnamed no longer wants  to be friend cause I’m an “attention” seeker. Cause I ranted to her about some family issues  and she called me a lier and unfriended me so I went to my blog and vented about it to get all this shit off my mind cause I’m overloaded wake up to messages next morning telling me off about what I wrote in my blog. I’m just completely losses and I’m theone who pushed my dad into charging her ac

8-5-2014 a day out and about

Well today I was out and about with some friends I wore a white skirt with a purple top.. Might be able to pass got called mam a few times and it lifted my spirits a lot. Towards the end one of my friends preceded to tell me I’m getting fat .. Really put a downer on my mood I’m stressed out over some shit that happened over past few days..but my mood perked up later in the day when my outfit got compliments..

Here’s what I’m wearing tommorow

The cook out

Had some friends out for awhile we cooked burgers chicken and hotdogs had a great time and was distracted from my problems for awhile let the kids play on the xbox while us adults talked . nice to have a conversation that wasnt one sided for once me and Courtney are becoming good friends and its nice I have them for support after all we are like family now.

People these days

I’m done only real friends I have are Betsy.Morgan,Jason, if it weren’t for them I’d be dead just lost my 4th Friend she called me lier she took the wrong side can’t trust anyone to be your friend anymore I’m done with her Jason trust and enjoys hanging with me . I won’t tolerate her attitude and rudeness anymore…

If I die

Just know my parents drove me to the edge always screaming at me and always telling me I want to start problems…I’m under enough stress can’t take much more I don’t need this shit everyday I deserve to be happy like Betsy tells me..but if this shit don’t stop I’ll only be happy when I die its everyday constant fighting no relief….. I wish to be happy to be around people who are happy or glad to see I’m alive to know I’m still breathing and fighting this fight I need their support since I don’t get it from my family. I’m nothing but a burden to them from how I get treated so I think I m just gonna ignore and have nothing to do with them. Living next door to your parents is the stupidest choice anyone can make trust me no matter how good a deal you got on your place. Worst choice I made in my 24 yrs